News from the Studio

ENtrenchED exhibition launches

See how the hard work of students has paid off.
I was lucky to spend last week in installation workshops for the ENtrenchED exhibition, working as their supporting artist. We worked on a number of scenic backdrops to help bring the exhibition to life as well as using a number of different painting techniques to age the trench and make it look a lot muddier! The students from local schools in the Gosport area (years 8/9) have been working on the ENtrenchED project to research the First World War, discover real-life stories and to find out about life in the trenches.

The students planned the exhibition themselves and they have recreated a fantastic trench that helps you understand what life was really like in the trenches. They have also set up a poppy wall for visitors to the exhibition to share their stories and remember who they wear their poppies for. As part of the exhibition, you can watch films of the project and see a recruiting office and medical tent (complete with bloodied bandages).

The exhibition is well worth a look until 20th September 2014. For more information, go to Gosport Gallery.