The Perspective Programme

I'm delighted to launch The Perspective Programme - a proactive way to support managers and staff to move forward with balance and positivity
Change is always constant inside and outside of work, but that doesn't mean businesses, managers or staff know how to work through the emotions and feelings that come with these changes. I deliver the Perspective Programme - a proactive 1:1 mental and emotional health programme for supporting managers and staff through turbulent times.

Supporting businesses and managers to effectively manage workplace stress /mental health concerns, (and those other emotional situations such as consultations, bullying, discrimination and grievances) can feel like a sponge on your limited time and resources. As a previous HR practitioner (MCIPD), I've got a real understanding about how emotions and feelings can derail a team or business and know that proactive support for individuals or teams can allow complex situations to move forward.

The Deloitte report (Mental health and employers: The case for investment - pandemic and beyond) estimates 'the total annual cost of poor mental health to employers has increased by 25% since in 2019' and finds that 'nearly forty per cent of total turnover costs are now attributable to mental health issues.'

HSE statistics show that in 2021/22 stress, depression or anxiety accounted for 51% of all work-related ill health cases and 55% of all working days lost are due to work-related ill health.

The Perspective Programme is an ideal support mechanism for the workplace as it uses Drawing and Talking Therapy - the number one alternative to CBT and direct talking therapies as these options can limit the processing of emotional pain or trauma. It’s also half the price of CBT or counselling.

I know that speed is often vital in complex cases and so I am releasing new availability for those businesses who want to put support in place quickly, with a 25% discount* when employees start on the Perspective Programme in January 2023 (subject to availability). Usual price per person is £360 when sessions take place in my office in Fareham (PO16).

It’s easy to email to find out how the Perspective Programme can help you how the Perspective Programme can help you move employee relations issues forward – we can meet online, on the phone or face to face to chat things through. If you prefer, I can send you further information to take a look at first.