News from the Studio

Heathfield Special School - Summer Art Project

Waves breaking on Hill Head Beach by Heathfield Special School
I was delighted to work with Heathfield Special School for primary children during the Summer term. I accompanied some of the children to Hill Head beach to take some photos and collect shells and stones. Once a photograph was chosen, each child then painted an individual canvas which became part of the picture. Some of the children, including those in the Gifted and Talented Art Club helped add the finishing touches across some of the canvases.

The children were very excited to see their picture come together and have been using the new techniques they learnt in different pictures.

Heathfield Special School says:
'The children are delighted with their beach picture, many can remember which square they painted and enjoy showing the picture to visitors and friends alike. It is something we will treasure for a long time as every child was involved but we still finished up with a polished recognisable complete picture. Isabel had amazing patience with the children and saw the project through with us from start to finish. We are proud that it will have been in two local exhibitions by the end of the summer.'

The picture is on display at Ferneham Hall, Fareham as part of Fareham Arts Festival (8-16th August) along with other pieces created by the children at Heathfield. For more information, visit the Fareham Arts Festival website.